Eco Tan Tanning Pack
Eco Tan Tanning Pack
Eco Tan Tanning Pack

Eco Tan Tanning Pack

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The Ulimate Tanning Pack Trio

Invisble Tan By Eco Tan 150ml

This all Express natural Self tanning & natural  self tan creme combines a generous blend of avocado oil, rose geranium and aloe vera to nourish your face and body. The innovative “invisible” formula means you can sleep peacefully while your tan develops overnight. Winner of Best Natural Fake Tan in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards!

  • One application tan for a believable bronze glow
  • Best suited for medium to olive skin tones
  • Applies just like a moisturiser to nourish skin & deliver stunning tan
  • Beautiful blend of aloe vera, rose geranium oil, avocado oil & chamomile

Eco Tan Face Water 100ml

This gradual tanning toner for your face, neck and Decolletage is a fantastic, all natural substitute for toner and moisturiser. Develop a beautiful, sun kissed bronze complexion on your face, neck and décolletage over a couple of days. The anti ageing and anti – acne prone formula is suitable for all skin types and contains no hidden nasties!  Voted Most Innovative Beauty Product of Spring/Summer 16 by Cosmopolitan Beauty Experts!

  • Face Tan Water builds with applications to create your perfect sun kissed glow
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Non-Comedogenic Lightweight formulation applies just like a toner
  • Anti-acne & anti-ageing formulation hydrates skin
  • Brightens & evens skin tone reducing the need for foundation/make up
  • Blend of aloe vera, orange peel & rose geranium 

Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant Glove

This little miracle worker provides thorough exfoliation for both your face and body, and is an essential part of your pre and post tanning regime. It works quickly to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and when used in conjunction with our range of ECO TAN PRODUCTS will help you achieve a beautiful, even and long lasting tan

The extreme exfoliant glove is essential for the best tanning results.

  • Can be used as a dry body buff, shower exfoliation or as a luxurious face and body treatment,
  • Removes dead skin cell layers and old tan to reveal fresh smooth skin
  • This little miracle worker effectively unclogs pores, aids in the reduction of acne, blackheads, milia and even cellulite!
  • Made with plant fibres & eco dye

How to create your beautiful stunning natural looking, streak free sun kissed bronze tan:

Start by prepping your skin with the effective but gentle Extreme Exfoliant Glove, followed by covering the desired areas of your body with the Invisible Tan that develops over 6 – 8 hours and finish with the gradual tanning Eco Tan Face Water.

 All 3 products are free from synthetic fragrances, artificial orange dyes, parabens & GMOs

Made with natural & Organic ingredients Certified by the OFC under Australian Government Organic & Bio-Dynamic standards & requirements.

 Eco Tan is entirely vegan